A Host Of Online Casino News

If you are an online casino lover, then you would definitely want to know the latest happenings in the scene. And you are indeed quite lucky, as there are actually a lot happening here in the last few months. Here are some of the things that you might want to watch out for.

A Host Of Online Casino News

If you are into poker, then here’s something that you definitely would want to test your skills in. The guys at TitanPoker.com have just announced the start of their newest tournament series. Dubbed they Titan Bounty Tournament, players will can go mind to mind using the people of TitanPoker’s elite roster of professional players, for example Sorel Mizzi, Jonas Klausen and Mike Trickett. And if you do manage to get through, you will be able to walk away with $100 weekly.

On the other hand, for slot machine lovers, Ladbrokes Casino is offering quite a hefty bonus for all of its players. The bonuses will be given on the 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th, and 30th of this month. All players have to do to claim their bonus is to make a deposit of more than $20 to the day’s selected machine. You then need to turnover the deposit four times to claim your bonus.

But it might not be a happy day today for some players at Interlops. As it is, some gamers are experiencing difficulty connecting to the online casino’s services this past weekend. Interlops officials explained that the problem was mainly due to the disruption caused by the passing of Hurricane Earl over Antigua, where its servers are located. However, Interlops assured that they will soon remedy the problem. And sure enough, everything was back to normal by Sunday evening.

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And here’s something that you definitely need to hear if you are that engaged in visiting the online casinos. According to studies made by experts, problem gambling is somewhat similar to the condition that leads to substance abuse and other forms of addiction. These studies have found out that the brains of those suffering from gambling problems produces the same chemicals as those addicted to drugs.

Thus, some groups are now clamoring that, instead of solely focusing on banning online casinos and other gambling sites, attention must also be given to the medical side of the problem gambling issue. However, some groups also asserted that this should also not veer away from efforts to control gambling.